Womens Wedge Sandals

Womens Wedge Sandals


Womens Wedge Sandals  are  great for summer, fall or spring. You can walk in these all day long and they are also stylish and very elegant. A must have for every wardrobe.

 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

These wedge sandals  come with a STEAL MY STUFF guarantee trifecta!

  • First, if you do not like my face, my goldfish or my dry jokes…I will be happy to refund
  • Second, if you do not find this to be the most gorgeous flat bottom shoe, I will be happy to refund
  • Third, if you don’t at the very least enjoy every step you take in these shoes, I will be happy to refund

Whatever your reason may be, if you are not losing your mind over the awesomeness I have packaged in these wedge sandals  and you let me know within 30 days of receiving your shoes, I will be happy to refund…no questions asked!

So go on, get your flat bottom shoes today and enjoy every step you take!

 p.s Please allow 25-29 Days For Delivery To Your Doorstep. We Value Your Patience