Pro™ Eyebrow Epilator

Pro™ Eyebrow Epilator

Are you tired of the painful experience that comes along with waxing, plucking & threading? Even if the pain doesn't bother you... Spending money on expensive eyebrow maintenance can easily turn into a hassle.

This Eyebrow Epilator is the new gold standard for precise hair removal. It erases unwanted hair instantly & painlessly, leaving your eyebrows beautiful &glowing.

Simply hold the device like a pencil & erase unwanted hair with ease. Its is a very effective solution for precisely trimming eyebrows, and our customers love it.

❌ Waxing can cause skin damage, exposes you to harsh chemicals, and even may associate with premature wrinkles.

✅ This Eyebrow Epilator is an excellent alternative to use, providing a hair removal experience without detrimental side effects that may come with other treatment such as waxing.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Removes hair instantly and painlessly.
  • Gentle enough for every day use.
  • No downtime waiting for regrowth.
  • Discrete and Portable.
  • Requires 1 AA Battery (Not Included).
  • Quantity: 1



  1. Carefully Remove Cap
  2. Click Power Button to Activate Device
  3. Pull skin tight, & place epilator against skin
  4. Move the device gently in a circular motion in desired areas of unwanted hair
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