Monat products seem to be more expensive than my store bought shampoo?
We made the table below to help you compare the cost of Monat to other products. Since Monat products are naturally based, they are concentrated, hence you only need a little. Please read each product description for usage instructions.

How much shampoo do I need to use on my hair?
As a general rule, we recommend using a quarter sized amount. Wet your hands, rub together for a minute and apply to damp hair. Leave it on for a minute. Rinse and Repeat. The Shampoo may not lather the first time and that’s expected. It’s working to remove the dirt from the hair.

How do I figure out what products to use for my hair?
Please take the Hair Test to get product recommendation based on your hair type.

Can I use Monat Products if I have colored hair?
Yes, all Monat products are safe for color treated hair. Infact, most of our customers put 3-5 drops of Rejuvenique Oil in the hair color while mixing it. This brings out the hair color.

When do the pro ducts expire?
All Monat products have a shelf life of 2yrs unopened and 1 year if opened. Since they are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant, you are guranteed freshness.

I have post partum hair loss, what products should I use?
Please refer to our Hair Test for product recomnedation based on your hair type. In addition, you will need the IRT Treatment Spray and the S3 Vitamin Supplements to get your pre pregancy hair.

I ordered Monat products but I have not received my order?
You will receive an email when your product ships. Most products ship within 1-2 business days. If you have questions regarding your order, please call 1-(888) 867- 9987 Mon-Fri 8AM-11PM EST or Sat 8AM-5PM

I ordered the wrong products or I am not happy with the product?
ll our products have a 30 day money back gurantee. Please 1-(888) 867- 9987 Mon-Fri 8AM-11PM EST or Sat 8AM-5PM and we will process your refund/return.

Dr Brent Agin- MONAT Scientific Advisory Board
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What people are saying about us…

I am literally in awe of Monat!! My neighbor and friend decided to try Monat, so I invited her over for a wash! She describes her hair as “ethnic, coarse, dry and thick” and she only washes once a week. Her hair has a lot of damage and split ends. Washed twice with RENEW shampoo. REPLENISH shampoo for 10 minutes. Conditioned with REVITALIZE Conditioner(. I then Applied REJUVABEADS and blew out with the Blow out cream. Then applied Rejuvenique oil to her dry hair, and curled the ends. She couldn’t believe how soft, smooth and vibrant her hair was after only one wash! Even my husband said “and you didn’t touch the color of her hair?!” Ahhh-mazing results! Kristie
I’ve been using Monat products for 11 weeks now. I have noticed HUGE changes to my hair. On top of my hair being more manageable, softer, and growing faster Monat has also clarified my hair! I used to use a purple shampoo because I have hard water. Since Monat removes build up and residue, and does not cause build up, I no longer need the purple shampoo and on top of getting rid of the “brassy yellow tones” my hair is soft and manageable! Just another reason why I LOVE Monat! K. Moffat

I was delighted to tell our daughter’s pediatrician this week that we are now managing her psoriasis naturally! He was blown away at her results and said he’s never seen any naturally based product produce these kinds of results with psoriasis!!! We’re so blessed beyond compare!!! ??? My daughter has psoriasis on her scalp and hairline. She’s been using Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner and scalp treatments with Rejuveniqe Oil as needed (about 2 times per week during flare ups). We also spot treat her hairline with Rejuveniqe. She’s been using Monat for about 7 months. We’ve been able to manage her psoriasis without steroids since starting Monat! So amazing! Monat works!!! Kendall
Omg! Renew shampoo, Revitalize conditioner, Refinish control spray! I have a custom wig unit has now came back to life thanks to Monat products! This was a reconstructed wig that needed a little life! I love Monat! Emily