New 7 Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

New 7 Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

by Kinya - GlamLife MD May 09, 2019 This post contains affliate links


1.ALWAYS CHOOSE YOUR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER BASED ON THE POROSITY OF YOUR HAIR.Take The Hair Quiz This will help you achieve healthy and beautiful hair. Using the wrong products leads to hair dullness, breakage, balding and a host of other problems. Look for hair care products that encourage healthy hair growth.2.AVOID PARABENS, SULPHATES, PHTHALATES, DHEA/DME, HARSH SALT SYSTEMS. These have been linked to cancer, infertility, feminization of males (yap, they make boys make female hormones). Instead, choose paraben and suphate free shampoo and conditioner plus products that are free of the above mentioned products. 3.RINSE AND CONDITION WITH COLD WATER After shampoo, rinse and condition your hair with cold water. This helps seal in the conditioners and also helps preserve your hair color if you have colored hair. 4.ESSENTIAL OILS ARE YOUR HAIRS’ BEST FRIEND. Your scalp secretes natural oils that keep your air and scalp healthy. Using products infused with essential oils helps replete these oils and prevents hair thinning, keeps the hair moisturised, hence reducing breakage. Essential Oils prevent oxidative stress and give your hair a healthy sheen. The more the essential oils, the better the benefits. 5.GO EASY ON THE HEAT Heating tools can dry the hair causing split ends, breakage and overall damage. If you must use heat, use silicon-free products to protect your hair. 6.IF YOU SWIM A LOT, CONDITION YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU JUMP IN When you condition your hair before swimming, the hair shafts absorb the conditioner and water instead of the chlorine. This prevents damage from the chlorine. This is a simple but very efficient trick for the regular swimmer. 7.DON’T WASH EVERYDAY Washing your hair strips it of the natural oils and increases breakage and split ends. Skip the daily washes.


“The whole idea of women always have good hair days is a myth. Women shouldn’t be slaves to dozens of hair products that are filled with harmful chemicals, is what I really believe,” said Lam Le MD, a physician mom of 4 kids who switched her whole family to Monat products. She uses the Monat Hydration System for her hair, Monat Junior System for her kids and Monat Black is her husband’s favourite men’s grooming kit.


There’s a Volume System , Hydration System, Intense Repair System among other systems, all specifically tailored for different hair types.Take the Hair Quiz to determine which Monat products are right for you. There are numerous shampoos, conditioners and styling products to meet all your hair needs.The Systems, which comprise of a shampoo, conditioner and styling product are just $99 per system. They are only available on this website. They are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door step. You can get sign up as a VIP customer to get 15% discount and free shipping in North America and the UK.

Judging by the photos of all the happy customers across North America, Monat is truly a revolutionary haircare line. “I suffered from post partum hair loss”, says Lam Le MD. “Monat restored my hair. I found a hair product that was safe for my whole family.”

“The biggest hair mistake that most people make is not using products with essential oils that replenish the oils we loose when we wash our hair,” she said. “Your scalp secretes essential oils which keep your hair and scalp healthy and reduce inflammation. Washing strips your hair of these oils. Monat products have the right mix of oils to replenish the lost oils.Everyone should switch to Monat, it’s a no brainer..”

“I always had good hair ,” she remembers. “I had my third baby and it started falling off, in chunks “ She considered Rogaine and a bunch of other stuff, but seeing that she was breastfeeding, she couldn’t use any of those products. She switched to Monat and just like that, she got her locks back. It’s been a blissful 6 months and she wishes she knew about Monat earlier.
Now her whole family uses Monat.“Your hair needs tender loving care. Monat is the answer. ” she says. “I wanted products that are safe for the whole family. Free of harmful ingredients.” “I found that in Monat”.
The overall effect, she says, is a head of healthy hair, without the harmful chemicals.
I call it Modern Nature. Plant based, hair products to keep your hair on point and help you get the best hair care. MONAT ROCKS.


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Hey y’all! I wanted to share my personal experience with MONAT, and let me tell you right now that I am NEVER going back to drug store brand shampoo and conditioner. Initially, I was a little skeptical, but my cousin Tara Swindle Novak is VERY convincing, and I will never be able to thank her enough! ? Before MONAT, my hair was dry and very unhealthy. After using MONAT for about 6 months now, I can finally see the difference of feeling in my hair. It’s so soft and shiny and healthy! I recently I got my roots done, and for the first time in my life, my stylist was raving about how healthy my hair is. this is truly a wonderful hair care line of products. I can’t even begin to explain how great that made me feel, even though all I did was switch to MONAT. At first I was shampooing with Renew Shampoo, Monat Black & conditioning with Revitalize. Now I’m using the Hydration System and I could not be happier! Candice I love that Monat takes care of my curly hair!!! I twisted my hair with the Curl cream, Mousse, and Rejuvenique oil. I love my healthy and beautiful hair. Monat is the bomb! Courtney

I thought I’d do a quick 1 year update regarding my daughters hair 🙂 It’s been 1 year since we decided to give Monat a try after 2 years of dealing with alopecia universalis. I still can’t believe shampoo can do this!! She used the Classic Confidence and we made sure to use the Intense Repair Treatement Spray 2x daily all over her scalp. Added the Rejuvenique Oil a few times a week on her scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes as well. She has so much hair now, she is using the Volume System and the Root Lifter and Blow Out Cream to give her bob some thickness 🙂 She also takes the S3 supplements daily but didn’t start those until about 6 months ago. We are so pleased to see this kind of difference!! Yes, please share and get the word out how amazing these products are especially for someone like her. No child should have to be prescribed Methotrexate for hair loss… which is what she had taken for several months. Tara THIS BLOWS MY MIND !!A friend of mine from childhood talked her hubby into “trying” the Intense Repair Treatment Spray… He had been to army ranger school and the lack of sleep and food deprivation messed w his testosterone levels, so after he got out his hair all fell out! Just a few short months later- BAM!!!! He has a head full healthy hair. Thanks for the hair care tips by the way! Unbelievable what Monat has done for him. Whitney

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7 Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair