7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

by Kinya - GlamLife MD May 26, 2019 This post contains affliate links

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

Great facial hair for men starts with a healthy beard. A beard is the absolute most masculine thing ever! Facial hair growing is picking up prominence everywhere around the world with the trending ‘beard gang’ team. —It has become the new smooth face.

It helps to carve out your custom style, and also make a personal masculine statement upfront. Throughout history, beard has been associated with confidence, maturity, power, leadership etc. and now, it has become a fashion statement for a lot of men out there. No wonder in the movies, a powerful man, say a king is usually depicted as a; full bearded man on the throne surrounded by a myriad of bare-bearded or half-bearded men.

The wise guys from the movies, (including great actors like; Chuck Norris, Johnny Depp, etc.), the leader of a province (e.g. Abraham Lincoln), even Jesus Christ, etc. all rocked ‘full beards’—Remember? Little wonder why influential men, celebrities, (e.g. Messi, Rick Ross, James Harden) etc. now spot the style.  It’s now a movement.

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

It’s a common saying that ‘Beards separates real Men from the Boys.’ In a recent study, men were rated as appearing to be more mature, attractive, and healthy as their beards became fuller.

It's a tricky business, growing or maintaining a beard. However, it becomes a lot easier when you know the important beard care routine you need to maintain to ensure that you have a healthy beard. It doesn’t matter if you can’t grow a super-long beard, what matters in the Bearded men fashion world, is making sure that your beard is healthy and it grows to its full potential.

Some are just so blessed with it, while others put in a lot of effort trying to grow it, but, the fact is, ‘it chooses who it blesses.’ Some men decide to keep a clean shave, not because of their work, but because they could not grow a healthy beard that is, free of patches, split ends, breakage or dandruff (beardruff).

Well, for guys that keep looking in the mirror hoping to see some strands of hair pop up, but to no avail. I will be taking you through steps, that can give you fuller and healthy beards that’ll give you that masculine look you desire. If you have decided to join the ‘beard gang,’ there are a few things you should consider in order to enjoy all the benefits of keeping a healthy beard.

So how can you grow a healthy beard? —that is free of patches, breakage, split ends, and dandruff.

1.Do not shave

Just allow it to grow. Shaving does not make your beard grow faster. Although regular cutting helps to even patches out to give a more groomed and thicker look. It should, however, be avoided during the first month or first few months.

After the first few weeks, you might begin to feel some itching, but you must resist the scratching urge, in order to avoid contracting an infection and make sure you get a lightweight beard oil. —It helps in easing the irritating feeling.

The Let It Grow System comes in handy here, as it promotes Maximum Growth Potential. Does watching your slow-growing hair have you down and out? Could you use an easy breezy two-step process that will quickly have you rejoicing over the sudden abundance of free-flowing locks? With a simple tip of the shampoo bottle, you too could be whistling a joyous tune as you simply sit back and just let it all grow

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

2.Wash (Shampoo) your beard.

Beards trap a lot of waste coming out of the skin, as well as dirt and microorganisms, therefore, it’s a commandment to keep it clean. —WASH it. You can scrub it to prevent excessive accumulation of oil on the skin underneath the beard, while, making sure to avoid excessive scrubbing, as this can cause excessive exfoliation as well as stimulate your skin to produce more oil.

You don’t need to wash your beard too often (twice daily max), or you run the risk of drying it out. Washing your face regularly will help exfoliate the skin and open up your pores, which helps to increase beard growth over time, that is, cleaning your face from time to time will help you achieve a thicker and fuller beard. Going for a good scent also improves your beard’s aesthetic value, as well as doing the job of instilling confidence in you.

3.Use essential oils

Immediately after washing, apply essential oil, to keep it soft, prevent excessive itching and keep it healthy. Beard oil helps to protect and moisturize your beard by conditioning it, keeping it hydrated, and giving it the deserved shine.

To control the itch that accompanies beard growth can be challenging — it leads to contemplating on whether to shave it off or not. The itch can come from the different angles the hair grows at, as it pokes into your skin, so regular combing or brushing of your beard in the direction of the growth helps massively.

A very great oil is the Monat Rejuvenique Oil Intensive. It nourishes and energizes the base of your beard with an invigorating blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients –including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids – that mimic the body’s natural oils! The proprietary formula reduces hair thinning, prevents oxidative stress and adds incredible volume, repairing the hair with instantly visible, long-lasting shine without the damaging effects of silicone. You’re guaranteed a nice treat.


4.Comb and Trim your beard regularly

Do you own a beard comb? If no, then you get one as soon as possible. Beards grow in any direction and length they want, no matter how hard you try to direct them, often times leaving your beard looking rough. The best way to correct or avoid this is by using a beard comb or brush to distribute your facial hair more evenly and therefore, making your beard appear fuller and healthier. It prevents tangling and split ends, it also helps to exfoliate off flakes, (dandruff) if present, and reduce obvious patches.

Trimming your hair gives it a polished and refined look. Pick a style that best suits your face and trim rough outgrowths off neatly. Occasional changes in beard style are great ways of spicing it up, as they say, ‘variety is the spice of life.’ Waxing is also great, especially, for your mustache. If you desire that great ‘Trim’ that gives your beard that sharp look that makes people want to respect you, leaving you proud and happy, then I’ll strongly recommend that you get a beard comb.

When there is an uneven growth; Go for a shorter beard.

It’s not a bad idea to attempt to grow a thicker, longer, and fuller beard, however, for some folks, they cannot grow much facial hair, regardless of how patient they are, the products, or tools used—genes can’t be changed. It can sometimes be frustrating, but just because you can’t grow the most epic beard of all time doesn’t mean that you still can’t be part of the ‘beard gang’ movement. What you have to do in cases like this, is to go short. Short beard also rocks, so all you have to do is to pick a very good beard care set or kit

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

 5.Get enough rest and observe your beard pattern.

 According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, in a study conducted in 2011, it was found that ‘sleeping for 5 hours or lesser decreases testosterone levels by as much as 15 percent.

Patchy beard, especially at the cheek area is common at the early stages of growth, especially, after a few weeks, and this can be explained by the reduced blood flow to the cheek area when compared to the chin, making less beard-growing hormones (dihydrotestosterone and testosterone) available to those areas. At this stage, you should not go for trimming or shaping your beard just yet, because by so doing, you are limiting the potential of your beard to grow maximally. —At this stage, you begin to get an idea about the shape your beard wants to assume — you know where hair is coming out more from, where it’s a bit patchy etc. —that’ll even enable you to be able to pick a style that best suits your face.

You can always maintain a healthy testosterone level by sleeping more and reducing stress, —this is very important as it also ensures you become an overall healthy being

6. Healthy diet and Exercise.

A balanced diet/healthy diet is vital in growing a healthy beard. Protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential classes of food that have been proven to improve the growth of a healthy and thicker hair. Make sure you get a full dose of these daily.

As earlier mentioned, you need healthy testosterone levels, and those are aided by saturated fat. Eggs are great for beard growth. Reduce your sugar intake as it only grows very weak hair.

Cardio routines and weight lifting are examples of exercises that help to build up your testosterone naturally. You don't have to go all pro about it; the main goal is to keep yourself fit and in shape. Although you can't change your genetic makeup, at least, you are trying your best to give your beard the chance to reach its full potential.

 7.Hair supplements

If after the first month, you still notice that you have only grown a patchy beard or you notice some split ends, you may need to give it a bit of extra help. You need to start dosing yourself on growth supplements. They are dietary adjuncts that are formulated to stimulate the healthy growth of facial hair. It is quite important when choosing a beard supplement, to know the ingredients that are of great benefit. Supplements containing ingredients such as; vitamin B, D, and E, biotin, magnesium, keratin, zinc, silica, and iron have been associated with improving a healthy beard growth. Most men have had success with the S3 vitamins 

7 Steps To Great Facial Hair For Men

You’ve tried to grow your beard out already but ends up looking patchy, with missing pieces than thick and full beard that you desire. It’s quite understandable and, at one point or the other, we’ve all been there. Only a few guys grow thick beards for the first few years after they start producing facial hair. Patience is very vital to the growing of beards, the longer you leave your beard to grow, the fuller it gets. There is no beard that grows uniformly from the start, full beards are products of ‘grooming in patience.’ If your beard is  patchy, with a lot of split ends, or it’s breaking off, then choosing to trim it low and keep it styled that way is one of the smartest ways to combat the problem, pending the time the patches will fill up. As numerous as hairstyles are, so are beard styles. The great men leading the bearded men fashion world always have an essential oil containing oil handy. 

If you have a ‘lumberjack’ full beard, but it keeps breaking off, causing split ends, it is due to your beard follicles becoming brittle and coarse, which frays the tips of your follicles, it happens as a result of blow drying your beard, or applying dye often to your beard, or not getting enough lubrication to your beard, or excessive combing. Or, you discover flakes (dandruff) in your beard, it can be due to a fungal infection, extremely dry skin, shampoo residue, etc. Here are the ‘WHAT?’  ‘WHY?’ and ‘HOW?’ questions you might want to ask:

WHAT should I wash my beard with, and how often?

As often as you wash your hair, preferably daily. There are lots of beard shampoos. They are also good for treating beard dandruff, by exfoliating dandruff from the root of your hair using your fingertips when washing with the shampoo. Soaps are not good for your beard! If normal shampoo isn’t working for you, there are loads of others that you can try, ranging from baby shampoo to special beard shampoo, to medicated shampoo, although men swear by this Shampoosince it has an anti-inflammatory  effect. Wash your hair and beard at the same time.

WHY should I oil my beard?

To keep your beard hydrated and soft, as well as to keep the skin under it soft and healthy, and they also help to prevent split ends and hair breakage. When applying beard oil, make sure it touches the root of your hair. Although it’s highly recommended for treating beard dandruff, caution should be taken to use it lightly (in little quantity), because heavy use can lead to clogging of your skin pores, and this can lead to dandruff itself.  Oiling should be done as needed, depending on the texture of your skin, weather condition, etc. A very good conditioner for the repair of your thinning and patchy beard, and split ends is the; Monat Black Shampoo and Conditioner, it works on all hair types to nourish, control frizz and add brilliant shine. It is light enough for daily use and does not weigh hair down. It restores softness and shine, and protects hair from humidity, and is free of parabens, pthalates and other harmful chemicals.

HOW often should I trim my beard?

Trimming your beard depends on your personal decision but in order to maintain the shape and quality of your beard, try it trim it once a week. If your beard style is more detailed, then every other day should do. If you don’t trim your beard, chances are that it’ll grow so unruly that you might develop split ends and experience breakage. Also, the problem you might be experiencing with your beard might be as a result of over-combing your beard. (2-3 times daily is great). Trimming your beard helps to fix patches, —How? It involves trimming your beard down to the length of the lowest patch. Although it might prevent your beard from growing out quickly, it will definitely help to improve your hair growth density and consistency.              

Do you know that a total of 139 days of your life gets wasted because you shave?

Well, it was proven by Dr. Herbet Mescon from Boston University, who calculated that if a teenager starts shaving at the age of 15, then in his 55 years or so years of shaving, he will spend an approximate 3,350 hours at this task, this equates to 139 full days of your life.

It’s a known fact that ‘Effective time management skills are often the best competitive edge.’ And this might be all you need to change the productivity of your startup or take your already established venture to its promise land. Imagine saving 139 days that you would have spent on a less profitable venture, for your business, how awesome would that be?

Many, however, have not seen shaving as a problem to be solved now, some people still stick to the notion that beards or hair is dirty, forgetting that hair is natural and there is a reason why it grows. It’s not that shaving is a bad thing, in fact, many of us would gladly shave "clean" if not for the time and money often required to do so. Thousands of dollars get spent on razors, shaving creams, lotions etc. all in the name of shaving. It wastes money that can be channeled to propel the ship of your startup or other meaningful things.

Growing and maintaining beards go beyond just style. It has a lot of health benefits. The main reason or excuse people give to enforce shaving as a ritual is; cleanliness. Well nowadays, people take good care of their beard by grooming it properly, and they enjoy a host of benefits that keeping your beard has to offer including; attractiveness, protecting your face from the sun ultraviolet rays, keeping your face shielded from harsh weather, (in winter,) preventing throat disease, preventing cancer, combating aging, moisturizing your facial skin, and ultimately requiring less maintenance.

Your startup stands a chance to move from the level it is now to a higher level, as entrepreneurs say, only if they could have more time a day and if more money was available. Both of these things are saved up each time you ignore that shaving blade for a comb every morning. You get about 5-10 minutes extra each day and you save about $1 daily for better things. Isn’t rocking your beard in style worth it? Think about it.

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