7 Steps To Network Marketing Success

The 7 Steps To Network Marketing Success

by Kinya - GlamLife MD April 29, 2019 This post contains affliate links

The 7 Steps To Network Marketing Success

Wondering how to recruit in direct sales and have network marketing success? Learn how to use the power of the internet and get direct sales recruiting ideas to grow your downline massively in 2019.

Most people think that in order to grow their downline, they need to…

- Constantly host parties
- Sell to friends and family
- Cold call random strangers
- Post incessantly on social media

Hustle. Network. Meet. Repeat. 
Hustle. Network. Mee...you get the point.


Even though you love everything about your business, the thought of trying to SIGNIFICANTLY grow your downline is intimidating.

You only know one way to do it, and that involves a HUGE amount of work.

Imagine waking up every morning to an inbox FULL of new leads.

Network marketing success

Imagine having a system in place that automatically attracts your IDEAL business builder again and  again and again.

Imagine being able to magnetically attract hot new leads WITHOUT all the hustle and grind and appointment booking.

Would that transform your business?

Would it give you more peace as you try to grow?

Would it bring back the spark you had when you first got started?

Then you need a proven system that can help you grow your business.

I am sure you have heard that all you need to do is talk to two or three people a day and you will be successful.

You upline has thousands of people in her downline and you wonder how she got there, right?

If you're tired of struggling to grow your downline…

...Sick of not hitting your goals

...Burned out on constantly having to hustle for even the slightest gains,

I will show you the exact system 7 and 8 figure network marketers use to grow their business online.


1.Establish Your Own Brand

Yap, that’s right. You must brand yourself. Not your network marketing company, but you.

Branding is the key to success for major corporations and small companies alike, but there’s a disconnect in the network marketing world understanding the difference between branding yourself and branding the company you’re a part of.



Understanding the fundamentals of self-branding versus company branding is important and could help you learn more about taking your MLM efforts a step closer to your goals.

Branding Basics

Let’s start with the basics of what branding is and why it’s important.

Take a minute to think about a major company or corporation – whether it’s a big box retailer or a soft drink company, the company brand is synonymous with the company itself.

Chances are a few things spring to mind that you instantly associate with that corporation, including things like:

  • Color
  • Company logo
  • Slogan
  • Commercials that stand out
  • Company philosophy

In short, each company has its own unique identity that they’ve spent years, sometimes decades, creating.

This is their brand. Pour a soft drink into a red cup or blue cup, and someone will instantly associate it with either Coke or Pepsi, right?

That’s the foundation of branding



network marketing sucess

Why Is Branding important?

So why is branding so important?

To put it plainly, branding is what helps you stand out from the crowd.

Customers in today’s market have a lot of different options no matter what field you’re in.

Your brand is your opportunity to capture their attention and let them know who they’re doing business with.


 When your brand identity is strong, customers will associate it with different principles ranging from trustworthiness to effectiveness to value.

Branding can help build company loyalty as well.

Basically, it’s what gives clients and other influencers a reason to choose you over your competition.

Company Branding Vs Branding Yourself

All those ideas seem fairly straightforward, right?

But there’s a unique challenge that presents itself when you’re involved in a network marketing company.

That challenge is the issue of branding yourself versus branding the company you’re involved with.

You are a member of the MLM company you’ve joined, and you’ll be attached to that company’s brand in some way no matter what.

But you’re also operating your own independent company through that business.

Let's start with company branding.


This is essentially working towards building stronger brand identity for the company you’ve joined.

This has some advantages and drawbacks worth noting.You are a member of the MLM company you’ve joined, and you’ll be attached to that company’s brand in some way no matter what.

But you’re also operating your own independent company through that business.


  • Helps improve the exposure of the brand .
  • The overall credibility of the company helps improve your sales .
  • You promote an established brand that can be easily identified and trusted .
  • Various brands and terms are already strong. You’ll take advantage of that.


  • You’re linked to the company’s reputation. If it drops, so does your reputation .
  • Company losses can directly impact your income .
  • If the company rebrands, you’ll lose your efforts and be left starting over .
  • Other MLM teams in the company could steal your leads since it’s the company brand people are associating you with, not your own brand.



Personal Branding

When you’re in the MLM world, you have to work on branding your own business within the company.

Here are the pros and cons of self-branding instead of company branding.


  • You build an identity for yourself and your business that is separate from the company
  • You essentially become your brand
  • Your customers develop a loyalty specifically for your business
  • Your brand will transfer anywhere, even if you change MLM companies
  • You have more control over your marketing efforts and your overall identity


  • It can be more difficult to formulate a branding plan

Are you surprised that there’s only one con to the process of personal branding?  

You shouldn’t be. 


 You need to be looking at your MLM efforts in the same way you would for starting a business, not you working for a company.

When you brand yourself you’re building your business brand, and there are very few drawbacks to that. 

Now that you know all about branding, let’s execute the plan.

In this day of the internet, your brand must have a central command station and that command station is your website/blog

It doesn’t matter how big is social media following is, you must have a blog to establish your brand.

Once people interact with you; be it  on social media or in person, you must somewhere to send them so that you can continue the process of KNOW, LIKE, TRUST

2.Build Your Blog/Website

Relax, it’s not as difficult as you think.

You do not have to be a techie.

In this age of the Internet, people from all corners of the country can easily find you on the Internet.

The key is to have a central command station.

You want your leads to get to know you to like you and to trust you.

The same conversations that he would have with people in person are what you would write about in your blog.

You can talk about your hobbies, your family, your life, your pets or or even the benefits of the products that you sell.

Think about it as having a cup of coffee with someone who is interested in your business.

There are many platforms that you can use to build a blog however you will need additional services such as creating funnels, email marketing, social media proof that it can get very expensive very quickly.

Wordpress costs about  $396 per yr, in addition to that, you will need an autoresponder email system about $29/month, funnel builder such as Clickfunnels $97/month, Webinar Platfrom $67/month , Landing page builder $47/month.

You can see how the costs add up very quickly.

Network marketing ideas

I use and recommend Builderallbecause of the perks that it offers and the affordability. (Please note that I get small commission when you sign up with this link, the $49/month plan gets you all the features you need). 

You can get a 7 Day FREE trial Here

For $49 a month, you get all the above services in a single platform.

If you are a non-techie, email me when you sign up and I will give you premade blog templates that you can use to start growing your brand quickly.

Builderall offers a 7 day free trial, so you can get on there and test it.

I prefer a platform  that provides everything I need in one place and at a reasonable price of $49/month.

Builderall is NOT your average blog builder..


With BuilderallYou Can:

  • Quickly build your blog with the only 100% Responsive Drag-And-Drop Builder in the world
  • Easily build landing pages with animations, timers, pop-ups, contact formsto have a dynamic blog 
  • Use Builderall premade sales funnelsto grown your downline,including a free webinar platform 
  • Collect data by using Builderall analytics to analyse the best performing parts of your blog & A/B test
  • Easily set up Pinterest Tag, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track blog traffic
  • Easily create email campaigns and automation sequencesto respond to yo your blog readers 
  • Grow your email list as large as you want and never worry about the cost of sending individual emails


3. Create Funnels

Funnels are a series of steps that a lead walks through so that they can be prequalified.

You want people that are interested in your business.

A funnel sorts out the people for you. Wouldn’t be nice to only talk to people who are truly interested in YOUR network marketing business?

Yap, funnels will do that for you.

They do 90% of the work, you do the 10% of closing the lead.

These are the tidbits that the top leaders don’t share with you.

Network marketing funnels

Creating funnels requires a certain level of expertise and the right platform.

One of the popular funnels platform costs $97/month.

My goal is to show you cheaper options of growing your network marketing business without breaking bank.

Builderallhas premade funnels that you can easily incorporate into your blog without paying for an additional funnel building platform.

Click HereTo Get The Highly Converting Network Marketing funnels That The Top MLM leaders Use To Grow Their Downlines (note, you must be signed up on Builderall to get these funnels as they are built on Builderall)

4.Create Engaging Webinars

 A webinar is an online presentation that can be live or recorded.

Webinars health people learn about your business opportunity and your product..

They are almost like Facebook lives, the only difference is that you have control because these are located in your central post i.e your website.

As we know, the Facebook algorithm  keeps changing and very few people will see your lives.Network marketing webinars

Can you imagine having a worldwide audience on the internet? That is what a webinar hosted on your website will offer.

 If your company is expanding to different countries, it will be easier to grow in those countries because people have already heard about you and can come attend an online event either live or recordered.

You can have a webinar playing even when you are asleep.

Top network markers utilize this strategy to add thousands of people to their downline.

Instead of talking to the 100 friends and family you have in your phonebook, use the power of webinars to talk to thousands at a time.

5.Talk With Your Leads Via Email

It takes about 7 to 8 exposures before somebody signs up for any opportunity with your company.

The key is to figure out how to deliver the same information on different days.

This is where email marketing comes in.

When people visit your central command station i.e your blog, have them sign up for an email list.

They could sign up for the email list by way of a funnel or at lead magnet on your blog. 

Once they sign up for email, you can send them emails giving the more information about your network marketing opportunity or product and give the links to sign up.

  Email marketing can get very expensive.

Most platforms will charge you based on how many emails you send.

The cheapest I have seen so far is about $29 a month and they only let you send 1000 emails and thereafter you are charged per email.

How to grow your downline

Builderallis an all inclusive digital marketing system that includes email marketing for only $49/month. You can open your Builderall account here.

6.Analyse your data using powerful analytics

Anytime you do something, you want to make sure that you are getting results.

On the internet, the way to know you are getting results is to use powerful analytics such as the facebook Pixel or Google Tag.

On Builderall,you can add these pixels in less than a minute.

That way, you can tell how many people visited a certain page of your website or watched a webinar.

This will help you keep track of the visitors on your website and make changes to get more sign ups to your network marketing business.

How to grow your downline

7.Use Chatbots To Engage With Your Prospects Online

Chatbots are those little boxes that you see pop up on a website or on Facebook whereby you put in a question and get an instant response.

The truth is, you will not be awake at 3am to talk to the lead from Australia who wants to sign up for your network marketing business, but your chatbots can do the work for you.

 Again, the top network marketers know and use all the above tactics to grow their business online.

So, while you are talking to the 100 people in your phonebook and spending days cold calling, they have a system in place to do the work for them.

These are the secrets of network marketing that no one shares.

If you are ready to explode your downline in 2019, get the all inclusive digital platform that is Builderall.


8.Create Online Training Site For Your Downline 

A online membership site is the best way to train and empower your downline.

It is a closed area where one has to have a username and password to gain access. 

Pass all your network marketing secrets to your whole downline in a safe place. 

Creating an online team site is as easy as recording videos on your computer and uploading them to a membership site.

You have the option of charging for your training site or giving your team members free access.

I love that Builderall incoporates a membership site  in the $49/month plan. Start your free trial here.


7 Proven Steps To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Using The Internet In 2019

1. Establish Your Own Brand 

2. Build A Beautiful Blog 

3. Create Sales Funnels 

4.Record Engaging Webinars(and Create EverGreen Webinars)

5.Talk With Your Blog Readers Via E-Mail

6. Analyse Your Blog Data Using Powerful Analytics 

7.Use Chatbots To Engage With Your Readers Online 

8. Create Online Membership Sites To Train Your Downline

Use a digital platform that allows you to do all the above without breaking the bank. I reccommend Builderall (Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial Here)

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