6 Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes That Are Kid Friendly

6 Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes That Are Kid Friendly

by Kinya - GlamLife MD April 14, 2018 This post contains affliate links

Need thoughts for some kid friendly and gluten free breakfast? I see how difficult mealtimes can be at times cooking for a kid with a food allergy. These kids-friendly recipes are healthy, gluten free AND dairy free, making life somewhat less stressful for the parents of children who have allergies. Being gluten free doesn't need to be drudgery, particularly with regards to the most critical meal of the day. Studies have demonstrated that kids who have a healthy balanced breakfast improve the concentration in school. Children require a lot of energy to enable them to focus on their studies instead of their stomachs. These kids-friendly without gluten breakfast recipes supply protein, complex carbs, fiber and great fats with nourishment that give supportable energy to developing kids on gluten-free consumes less calories. You'll discover a lot of gluten free kids friendly recipes here.

1: Iced Coffee Shake

With summer going all out, frosted coffee season is additionally at its best. While there's nothing wrong with a milk and a couple of ice cubes, we're such enormous fans that we needed to take the reviving refreshment to another level

Tips and calories – Total calorie count is only 220. You can also use whip cream as a topping.

2: Banana Protein Pancakes

Light and Fluffy Banana Protein Pancakes are a healthy breakfast with basic ingredients that taste astounding and fill you up! An incredible blend of Banana and Oatmeal will amaze you with the taste and energy. You should consider this recipe for your next breakfast.

Tips and calories – You can sprinkle nuts on the pan cake and you can also use syrup. The calories count is 530.

3: Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Avocado

Spiced Sweet Potato Hash with Avocado and Eggs is normally gluten free, high in fiber and protein and is a budget friendly meal that will sustain you all around!

Tips and calories - Garnish with scallions and cilantro if desired. Total calories are only 320.

4: Cowboy Skillet

The perfect breakfast/early lunch meal is something that consolidates a touch of protein and a touch of carbohydrates. This Cowboy Hash Brown skillet is the most delectable and filling breakfast recipe that you should try.

Tips and calories – Serve it with sour cream and salsa if desired. Total calories are 440.



5: Apple and Cheddar Frittata

This apple-and-cheddar frittata recipe is fast and very simple. It resembles you have discovered the best recipe for your breakfast. It's absolutely gluten free and kids will love and enjoy it.

Tips and calories – total calories are 130. Cut it into wedges and serve with a sour cream if desired.

6: Banana Chai Smoothies

Super-creamy and stacked with banana and chai flavors, these delectable smoothies are an ideal for the breakfast. We love getting a little caffeine from our morning smoothie, and think banana and Chai tea would make a great mix. Like most smoothies, you can blend and match the include-ins – coconut milk rather than almond, ground ginger rather than fresh, agave rather than honey.

Tips and calories – Total calories are only 100. You can also add whipped cream for topping.


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