Baked Chicken Taquitos -

Baked Chicken Taquitos

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Baked Chicken Taquitos

Baked chicken taquitos is made of corn tortillas. A healthy taquitos recipe that will leave you asking for more. One of the best mexican appetizer recipes.

Baked Chicken Taquitos are stuffed with chicken and cheese and make a great appetizer or meal.They are made with corn tortillas for that mexican feel. 
Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 10-20 mins

Servings: 7



  • Preheat the oven to a temperature of 425 degrees F.
  • Line a sheet pan with a parchment paper. Grease the paper.
  • In a large bowl, add the softened cream cheese, cooked shredded chicken, pepper jack cheese, frozen corn, rinsed black beans, Tia Rosa’s Enchilada Sauce. Mix to combine.
  •  Place the corn tortillas to heat for about 20 seconds in the oven .Remove when they become softened and easy to roll.
  •  Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the chicken mixture to the lower third of the tortilla. Roll the tortilla tight. Repeat the process until all the 14 tortillas are well filled and rolled up.
  •  Place tortillas on the prepared sheet pan the seam side facing down. Ensure that taquitos are not in contact with each other.
  • Brush the tops using Natural Grapeseed Oil.
  • Bake  taquitos for  approximately 10 to 12 minutes
  • Serve with any topping of your choice.


  • 340 Calories (kcal)
  • 14 Fat (g)
  • 5 Saturated Fat (g)
  • 28 Carbohydrates (g)
  • 3 Fiber (g)
  • 1 Sugar (g)
  • 27 Protein (g)
  • 70 Cholesterol (mg)
  • 250 Sodium (mg)


 Chicken is and will always be flavorful. They are pocket friendly at the same time. They also simple to prepare. Chicken recipes are so many; you can’t go wrong in preparing them. Be it stewing, grilling, or stir frying, chicken will always be sweet. Always ensure to cook it to the correct internal temperatures to avoid consuming uncooked meat.

 Chicken is prone to food contamination. Maintain high hygienic standards while handling cooking it. The best and safe indicator of a cooked chicken is by checking on its temperature. Its internal temperature should be 165 degrees F.

Labels on chicken packages can be deceiving, especially if you are buying them from the stores. When buying chicken, you should look for creamy white to yellow birds and avoid those with bruises and blotched marks.

Healthy chicken mealsstart from the point of purchase. You should always go for good quality and fresh chicken. Avoid buying the ones that overstayed in the stores, otherwise you won’t enjoy you dish at all.

 When selecting your chicken, go for the free-range, organic and local poultry. They provide more eco-friendly alternatives and cost a pretty penny.

A perfect Corn tortilla is pliable, warm, and tastes like corn. If you fail to warm the tortillas properly, they end up breaking down. You surely don't want everything falling apart in your taquitos. You should heat the tortillas in a cast iron girdle with a drop of oil, for 15-20 seconds on each side. You then have to wrap the heated tortillas in a clean cooking napkin to keep them warm.  You can also use a tortilla warmer as an alternative.



This is a fun and flavorful recipe. The kids will enjoy it and it is definately one to try during the summer. Chicken is a versatile meat that you can use in different recipes.

This baked chicken taquitos recipe incorporates expeller pressed grapeseed which allows the natural fresh  flavor of the ingredients to come out. There is a garlic falvored version  that i use to add flavor when sauting vegetables.

Tia Roses Enchilada sauce is a complex sauce made up of tomatoes, chilies, authentic Mexican spices with a hint of cocoa. Yes, you read right, cocoa! I use this sauce for any and all things Mexican, including  enchiladas, quesadillas, and even as a slow cooker sauce for chicken and pork.

Baked chicken is a very rich source of nutrients, especially protein. Baking is an easy mode of cooking chicken and you are guranteed the same taste each time.

Any thoughts that benefits are limited to protein i s erroneous. Chicken contains  B-12, which is your best pal when it comes to the provision of oxygen to the body tissues.  B12 is a building block for your blood. 

Did you know that baked chicken is healthier than the dark grilled ? The reason is that grilling triggers more production of carcinogen during cooking, especially if you blacken the chicken.

Serve with rice and vegetable. If you are trying to cut down on fat, remove the skin. For the Keto lovers out there, keep the skin on and serve on a bed of potatoes. It’s also best served without skin to reduce fats and cholesterol intake in the body for health purposes. This recipe for chicken is a healthy method of preparing this popular delicious protein. One more thing, it's advisable to let any meat sit for a few minutes after baking or grilling. You will get the wonderful juices and enhance the tenderness.Canvas Wall Art Inspirational Quotes

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